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Many people have problems with chemical smells.

There are many allergies that people have to different smells.

Lung sensitivities and shortness of breath are among the problems of working with scented chemicals.

Laboratory department staff were able to solve this big problem by producing odorless glues with lemon and strawberry scent through adhesive testing.

The use of fruit essences in the production of chemicals widely used in industries makes the work easier for

employees who deal directly with these types of materials.



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The advantages of using odorless adhesives

Suitable for working with glue in small places without ventilation
High adhesion
The right concentration
to be durable

Creating a connection with high thermal and moisture resistance

No corrosive surfaces
Suitable for leather, foam and sponge surfaces...
Colorless (custom color order)

چسب اسپری دنا

Types of liquid odorless glue

There are different types of liquid adhesives, such as wood glue, spray glue, shoe glue and crepe glue, which are used in a wide range of manufacturing and repair industries, which are briefly described below. The classification of the use of these adhesives depends on the type of surfaces and their resistance to different elements.

Tips for maintaining and using odorless adhesives

Solvent-based glues are classified as industrial and toxic glues, even if they are odorless or have a fruit scent, so you should pay close attention to the tips when using and maintaining instant glue.

Keep the glue out of the reach of children.
Do not use the glue near flames, heat and sparks.
Avoid smoking near the place where these adhesives are used.
As much as possible, try to use gloves when using adhesives like other chemicals.
Do not inhale glue vapors and use a mask.
Do not use brass and copper utensils.

The adhesives produced in our collection have a shelf life of 1 year, just observe the following points. Tighten the lid of the containers after use so that the concentration of the adhesives does not decrease.

Do not place the glue container in direct sunlight.

The suitable temperature for consumption and storage of the product is between 15 and 20 degrees.

چسب اسپری تشک

Application of liquid glue

In furniture and mattress manufacturing factories or in automobile industries, etc., where the speed of the production line is very high, employees must use adhesives that, in addition to the smell of chemicals, are not annoying, but also do not cause allergies to people.

The most requested by employers to buy glue and raw materials for production is easy and smooth working with tools and materials.

Different glue concentrations can affect this issue and cause problems.

The spray adhesives that are poured into the weber gun tanks and sprayed on the surfaces should be fluid and easily sprayed on the surfaces from the gun outlet.

The smell caused by spraying these materials on surfaces is several times more annoying, so working with odorless adhesives is a potential advantage for factories and workshops.

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